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Do's & Don'ts

Common Misconceptions of Fresh Traders

 They always think that they can trade consistently with an 90% accuracy daily
 They think they can earn millions in just few months
 They think they can predict the market fluctuations easily
 They think they can buy a system that is 100% accurate
 They think they will quit their jobs and make millions after few months of trading

This misconceptions lead to failure for most of the investors now a days. Most of the investors don’t have clear mind set in profit booking. Every investor should set the target when to sell the share and take the profit, otherwise it may lead to loss there capital.

 Always trade with surplus money and not with the purposed ones
 Always split your investments into minimum 4 parts
 Always try to trade by clubbing all market instruments
 Always fix your mind with approx daily profits & loss according to your financial strengths
 It's better to buy the wrong stocks at the right time than to buy the right stocks at the wrong time
 Trade with the trends rather than trying to pick tops and bottoms
 As long as a market is acting right, don't rush to take profits
 Do not overtrade
 Do not trade on rumors
 Do not trade in all stocks of one sector
 Don't buy something because it is low priced
 Money cannot be made everyday from the markets
 Avoid making average, when stock is coming down
 Don't watch or trade too many stocks at once
 "Trade with Reason" & not with blind assumptions

ValarPanam Intraweek Trading Method

 Buy only when Buy above level is crossed
 Sell only when Sell below level is crossed
 Keep stop loss as per your risk taking capacity, but generally buy above / sell below will act as compulsory exit
 Avoid trading our calls if Price opens in Gap Up/Down beyond the Target/Stoploss
 Book profit as 2-3 parts
 Avoid trading in single script and use all opportunities

ValarPanam Day Calls Trading Method

 Avoid trading our calls if Price opens in Gap Up/Down beyond the Target/Stoploss
 If Targets reached once, then the call will be expired. Do not trade again
 Do not execute your trade until the price crosses the given entry levels
 Place the target order immediately after the entry order is executed
 Trade from the market open time, because most calls will achieve targets rapidly
 If some days you can’t catch the price or the script opens Gap Up/Down. DONOT WORRY because ONLY few GOOD trades can make solid     profits. Happy Trading!

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