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Valarpanam Intraweek Edition

Valarpanam Intraweek Edition is a unique trading method introduced by us, especially for Mini Term Investors. Investors who don't like to trade intraday and also not interested in long term investments are the right people to get Intraweek Edition. This is a single point where we can access the key happenings around the market and get updated periodically. The Intraweek recommended stocks are selected and provided with trading levels will acheive targets within a week time (7 - 10 days). Investors interested in peaceful and safe trading are the right people for this service.

Previous Week and Forthcoming Week's Overall Market Review and News
Index Review (Sensex & Nifty)
Global Markets Review
Technically Analyzed 5 Equity Recommendations for the Week with Target Price
Technically Analyzed 6 Futures & Index Futures Recommendations for the Week with Targets
FIIs-Investment / MF Investment Review
Company News
Quarterly Results
Nifty 50 Company's Weekly Trading Levels
Market Gossips
Education Glossaries

Valarpanam Day Calls

Daily before market hours "Day Call" will be provided to mobile phones via SMS.Most of the times traders lose money only because of selecting the wrong stock of the day and by roughly calculating the prices and trends. By using "Day Call" service traders can do a well planned trading.

Right scripts selection for day trading will be selected and provided before market hours
Trend for the selected scripts will be provided
Entry, Exit and maximum stop will be provided

Intraweek Edition comes Free with "Day Call" Subscription

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